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what size is poop mate?

the approx size is 55mm x 35mm x 6mm

where do i attach my poop mate?

to the metal ring on your lead, or around the hand loop of the lead, or to your bum bag, or to your pram, or to your dog's harness.

it's called fashun darling, the hottest dog accessory is for humans too

my dog has done a poo poo, now what?

using a biodegradable poo bag, pick up the poo poo/doo doo/poop/turd and tie a knot in the poo bag. slide the bag on your poop mate, on the poop side of the knot

how does the metal ring work?

the metal ring is a carabiner. it is spring loaded so it is always closed. to open it, push near the hinge

how does the solid AF carabiner work?

the steel carabiner screws open, add it to your lead/bag/pant loop/pram for a hands free experience

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